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“Did You Know That... Ancient Chinese Emperors FEASTED on Very Rare ‘Secret Foods’ that Gave Them:
High Testosterone Levels, Ferocious Libido, and Unstoppable Performance in Bed, Well into ‘Old Age’…
Good News: Today YOU Can Use These Exact Same ‘Secret Foods,’ and SUPERCHARGE Your Sexual Performance…!"

What is Rock-Hard Formula

The New Alpha Rock Hard Formula is a Sexual Performance Enhancement that promises to offer natural stiff secretion of fluid and enable users last longer in bed by boosting a person’s testosterone levels.

As highlighted by the manufacturer, users of this formulation can expect to stay up to at least 30 minutes and above during a single session, and they may experience an increase in penile size.

By helping the body to produce the right amount of male hormones, this product offers other non-sexual benefits to the user. It boosts your immunity, supports the detoxification process in the liver, improves the appearance of your hair and nails, impacts dental health, and improves your energy levels.

Like other effective pills, the New Alpha is said to bring back your enthusiasm in bed and trigger healthy blood circulation around the genitals to cause on-demand natural secretion of fluid. 

You Should Hear What They're Saying About Rock-Hard Formula™ Results

“I was definitely skeptical about this product, because the benefits seemed a little ‘too good to be true’. But I decided to give it a shot, and I’m glad I did! I’ve been using it for about 7 weeks now and I’m stronger at the gym, I’ve added a few pounds of muscle, my confidence has certainly gone up a notch, and I’m highly energized (inside and outside of the bedroom).”

C.F. Rock-Hard Formula Happy Customer

C.F, age 39 – USA

“The only downside to Rock Hard is the taste - it’s bitter! But, the taste is easily disguised and sweetened with something like honey. And, I’d take it even if I couldn’t disguise the taste because it’s clearly boosted my Testosterone Levels like nothing else I’ve tried. I’ve added 7lbs of muscle, dropped an inch off my waste, and the wife and I have been ‘at it’ like we were 20 years ago!”

T.Y Rock-Hard Formula Happy Customer

T.Y, age 55 – USA

“It’s probably not a surprise that I have more energy and confidence since take this product. Or that my libido has gone UP. That’s all great. However, what has surprised me is how much better I feel MENTALLY. I feel like Adam suggests - more driven and determined. More focused and motivated. I wouldn’t say I expected that, but I’m really glad I’m experiencing it. At 61 I kind of felt like my ‘fire’ had gone, but now it’s BACK!”

A.S. Rock-Hard Formula Happy Customer

A.S, age 61 – USA

“As a lifelong lover of the ‘iron game’ I’ve spent over 30 years in gyms, training hard to build my strength and physique. In that time I’ve tried a lot of Testosterone Boosters, but I’m yet to find a NATURAL, SAFE one that’s as powerful as Rock Hard. It’s not only let me train harder, it’s also boosted my libido to how it was in my late 20’s. Great product. 10/10”

R.M Rock-Hard Formula Happy Customer

 R.M, age 50 – England

Rock-Hard Formula™ Happy Couple

Good News: Today YOU Can Use These Exact

Same ‘Ancient Chinese Secret,’ that 99% of Americans Still Don’t Know About, to Boost Your Testosterone, Support Healthy Circulation ‘down there’ and SUPERCHARGE Your Sexual Performance…    

How Does Rock-Hard Formula™ Really Works?

Suppose your body has an issue with reduced testosterone. In that case, you’ll make sure you don’t mistake low strength, fragile sex drive, moderate muscle improvement, and comparable that you won’t show up in the zone or even in FITNESS—Center or not of the focus of this matter. In any case, consider the overall male enhancement for men, which will ordinarily help you, the standard New Alpha Rock Hard Male Enhancement update featuring prime spot finishes made to create and also capture testosterone levels.

In addition, it will help you in having a good gender level. This way, you will have an insight into the decorations. If you use this diet plan, you can completely refresh your energy, improve your energy, and restore the volume of events, which can be compared to everything about the slightly noticeable; you feel better and more energetic. 

What Rock Hard Formula Offers in Terms of Benefits

As you can see, the list of side effects is relatively short and very minimal. Though how do the benefits stack up in comparison? If you’re considering purchasing Man Tea for erectile dysfunction or even for an increased sex drive and a boost in sexual performance, here are some of the benefits of this herbal combination:

  • Increased Testosterone: This mixture of herbs is excellent at helping the body produce more testosterone naturally. The higher your T-levels are in your blood, the more sexual vitality you will have. Increasing testosterone is vital in increasing sexual performance.
  • Increased Penis Size: While Man Tea makes no big, bold claims like those old commercials that used to promise men 3 to 5 inches in penis growth, having stronger erections with better blood flow will increase the length of the girth of the penis. This is simply a benefit of having a full erection that, as the name suggests, is “rock hard.”
  • Increases Energy: Along with increased blood flow, you also get much more energy. This is ideal for older men who have that proverbial “crash” during the day, where their bodies run out of energy and need to rest to recoup it. These herbs are said to boost your body’s natural energy levels.
  • Boosts Your Libido: Along with a boost in your T-levels comes a significant boost in your libido. To put it simply, you will be in the proverbial mood for sex a lot more often, and you will radiate that sort of energy. This is said by the company to be ideal for long-term relationships where the passion has died and for men out looking for partners who can sense sexual viability.
  • Increases Performance: New Alpha Nutrition claims that an added benefit is that men can have sex longer when using this product. According to the company, long-lasting sex makes the experience more intense and more enjoyable, leading to bigger, more powerful orgasms.
  • Far More Confidence: For aging men, or men experiencing erectile dysfunction, you can probably remember when you were younger and had stronger erections and more sexual vitality. Think about all the confidence you had then and how it was lost when your problems started. This can turn that around and help that confidence return.
  • Clinically Approved: The manufacturer’s website claims that this product has been clinically tested and proven to work to provide all of these benefits. Just note that we could not locate the exact study in question.

WARNING: Rock Hard Formula is Not Always in Stock... and, When We SELL OUT, It Can Take Weeks, or Months, for Us to Re-Stock (So, Take Advantage and Order Now, While You Still Can...)

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What are the Ingredients in Rock-Hard Formula?

Rock Hard Formula comprises many natural ingredients mixed in just the proper proportions to ensure peak performance. These are some examples:

Goji Berry:

Goji Berry naturally promotes sexual activities by promoting healthy blood flow throughout the body. 

Nettle Root:

Several studies have shown that nettle root helps your body’s testosterone levels. Additionally, these herbal roots help prostate function, blood sugar management,     joint strength, and skin hydration. 

He Shou Wu:

This Chinese herb is a key element in the mix due to its anti-ageing and longevity qualities. He Shou Wu has been shown to increase sex drive, fertility, sperm count, and sperm volume in older men. 


Quercetin, one of the active ingredients in Tonic Greens, can kill the HSV protein and suppress the herpes virus's performance and appearance. It also lowers virus infectivity and reduces inflammation. 


This dessert plant extract has been shown to increase sexual power and performance in men of all ages. 

Eucommia Bark:

Eucommia Bark is a potent herb to support your reproductive system. Furthermore, the bark of this plant stimulates your sex glands and organs while raising interest and desire. 

Morinda root:

Morinda root will help improve your control of ejaculations and your sexual activity. 

Tribulus Terrestris:

Like nettle roots, Tribulus Terrestris is known to increase testosterone levels. This chemical also promotes sexual performance and enjoyment. 

Horny Goat Weed:

Horny goat weed is added to the mix to stimulate hunger and testosterone levels. It also increases your energy, helping you to last longer. Horny goat weed is one of the world’s most potent aphrodisiacs. 

Salvia Root:

This natural plant root promotes blood circulation throughout your body. You want your body to improve effective and efficient blood flow if you desire powerful and long-lasting erections. 

Rock-Hard Formula 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

The Rock-Hard Formula 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

This product is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 full days from your original purchase.

If you’re not totally and completely satisfied with this product, your results or your experience in the first 90 days from your purchase simply go to the contact page and drop us an email. We’ll give you a refund within 48 hours of the product being returned.

That’s right, simply return the product, even empty bottles, anytime within 60 days of your purchase and you’ll receive a refund, no questions asked!

Should I Order Rock-Hard Formula™ Now?

The rock-hard formula is designed to help males improve their sexual activity and drive-by conditioning the body to achieve healthy testosterone levels and proper sperm count. The formula combines various herbs scientifically proven to be sexual enhancers to deliver these effects.

Throughout history, men have used this formula to improve their sexual orientation and performance in bed. Adam, the creator of this formula, has assisted thousands of men in his sex coach career to achieve better sexual performance and enhance their testosterone levels.

Thousands of customers have been able to make purchases of the complex rock formula and try it, where most of them reviewed the formula as a working product and surprised them with the benefits they got from using it. 

Pros and Cons of Rock Hard Formula

So, before you decide whether or not you’d like to purchase Man Tea from New Alpha Nutrition, we should run over a list of positives and negatives to help you make a better-informed decision. Here are some pros and cons associated with the product.


  • Increases penis length and girth
  • Safe and effective, with minimal side effects
  • Increases your libido and vitality
  • It makes you more attractive to potential partners
  • Very easy to take and digest.
  • Made in the USA, so quality isn’t in question
  • Longer lasting sex
  • An increase in your body’s testosterone levels


  • The product is only available online.
  • Some men might take longer before they start seeing results.

How Much Do Rock-Hard Formula Cost and Where to Buy?

The Rock Hard Formula is available in three value-added bundles.

You get the most out of Rock-Hard Formula. Make sure to take the suggested dosage.  

  • Platinum Customer Club 1 bottle of Rock-Hard Formula Delivered Every Month for $77 or One-Time Purchase for $97 + Free Shipping ( You Save $70) + 4 FREE Bonuses Worth $143.97.
  • Best Value 6 bottles of Rock-Hard Formula A 6 Month Supply for $397 + Free Shipping ( You Save $485) + 4 FREE Bonuses Worth $143.97.
  • Platinum Customer Club 3 bottles of Rock-Hard Formula Delivered Every 3 Months for $197 or One-Time Purchase for $237 + Free Shipping ( You Save $244) + 4 FREE Bonuses Worth $143.97.

Rock Hard Formula is supported by a 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee from the date of purchase. Suppose you are unhappy with the product's results within two months of your purchase. In that case, email Rock Hard Formula's support team, and they will issue a refund within 48 hours of receiving the bottles. 

WARNING: Rock Hard Formula is Not Always in Stock... and, When We SELL OUT, It Can Take Weeks, or Months, for Us to Re-Stock (So, Take Advantage and Order Now, While You Still Can...)

Rock-Hard Formula™ 1 Bottle price
Rock-Hard Formula™ 6 Bottle Price
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“ What Happens After I Click The Rock-Hard Formula “Buy Now” Button? ”

Once you have clicked the Rock-Hard Formula “Buy Now” button that is right below this text, you will be taken to the secure checkout page. choose one of the Order Options - 1 packet of Rock Hard, 3 packets of Rock Hard, or ‘Platinum Customer Club’ Membership (which is the absolute BEST VALUE, and gets you 3 fresh packets of Rock Hard Formula every 3 months).

Once you’ve made your selection, click the button for that option, and you’ll be taken to a Secure, 1-Step Checkout Page, which looks like this:

Rock-Hard Formula Secure Checkout

Rock-Hard Formula Secure Checkout

Rock-Hard Formula™ FAQ

According to New Alpha Rock Hard reviews, it normally starts to work within 30 to 60 minutes but can take as long as 2 hours. If you’re relaxed and sexually aroused, it could take effect sooner.

The recommended prescription is, to take four teaspoons per day mixed with warm water or your favorite drink.

As mentioned above in this review, the New Alpha Rock Hard Formula supplement is a combination of natural substances with no known adverse effects.

Lately, we have been flooded with orders from all over the world! Even so, we strive to ship your order in maximum 24h each working day of the week. To make things easy, you will receive an email with your tracking number so that you can follow your package on route to its destination. On average, customers reported the real shipping time is somewhere between 5 to 10 days for domestic orders.

Rock Hard Formula is best used for at least 2 to 3 months to achieve the best results. This will ensure you reach your goals. Rock Hard Formula can be purchased monthly, but we recommend you buy 2 to 3 Bottles of Rock Hard Formula as we offer discounts and that's the minimum amount you need to see results. You should note that this discount is not available year-round. So take advantage of it while you can.

Rock Hard Formula is available through For a limited time, they offer three discounted packages: Basic bottle - $97 Per Bottle.

Final Words: The Rock-Hard Formula

You can’t go wrong with the New Alpha Rock Hard Formula if you want to boost your whole sex life. This mixture not only increases the size of your manhood but also increases testosterone levels and overall sexual strength. The Man Tea Rock Hard Formula is intended to affect your general health, guaranteeing that you have a healthier, more powerful physique. The Rock Hard Formula has significantly increased your confidence and mood. So, invest in this all-natural sex life-boosting Rock hard Formula to get your mate wild in the bedroom. 

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